FILEDF parameters record lengths, and data being lost from last part of Name-Address records in MailStream Plus

When MailStream Plus (MSP) reads the input records DD MSSTIN per the length given on FILEDF MSSTIN, it then adds 100 bytes to the *beginning* of each record for internal purposes, and writes them out to DD MSSTON using the length on FILEDF MSSTON.  

Those records are later read in per the record length on FILEDF MSNAIN, and the 100 bytes is then removed.  
But if the FILEDF lengths for MSSTON and MSNAIN are not at least 100 bytes greater than the input record's length, data will be truncated and lost off of the end. 
Although MSP allows you to use whatever length is needed for the records, normally the MSSTON and MSNAIN length should be 100 bytes greater than the MSSTIN input record length.

As an example, here are the values from the IVP test job that comes with MSP-

FILEDF MSSTIN   L 0192    <-actual input record length
FILEDF MSSTON   L 0292    <-record length and allowing for extra 100 bytes that is added.  These records will later be read back in per FILEDF MSNAIN below.
FILEDF MSSTOR   L 0192    <-Input record length for writing reject (bad ZIP Code) records to reject file.
FILEDF MSNAIN   L 0292    <-record length being read into posting step (same as MSSTON length)
FILEDF MSNAON   L 0550    < final record length after temporary 100 bytes are removed.  This length is increased to more than 192 as (or if) needed for additional data posting.

As you see above, the length for MSSTON and MSNAIN are 100 bytes greater than the input record length specified with the FILEDF MSSTIN.  If MSSTON and MSNAIN were also 192 bytes, then when MSP added the 100 bytes, the data that was in the last 100 bytes of the input records would be truncated and lost. 

NOTE: on IBMi, you do not specify all the FILEDF lengths manually.  The MSSTIN length is automatically read from the input records file.  Then the NAMESjobid "Output N/A file" record length should be made 100 bytes greater than the input record length.  (Or even more if MSP is also posting more additional data into the output records.)
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017