How to move Spectrum Miner (FKA Portrait Miner) foci between folders?

Product Feature: Miner main window, Data Build Commands
Spectrum Miner (FKA Portrait Miner) (SM) foci are not just individual files like a Microsoft Word file; they include the metadata .ftr file which is seen in the SM tools, and hidden folders containing compressed data files and in cases of chains of foci there are files which track the location of the data files used by a focus.

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Using standard operating system commands to copy or move foci from one folder to another can break foci, as the internal links will not be updated to point to the correct location of data files, or not all the required foci in a chain get moved together.

SM includes utilities for managing foci:
  • The qscopy data build command (DBC) can be used to create a new standalone focus, if copying the final focus in a chain this command will 'compress' the chain by copying all underlying data so that the new focus is independent of other foci.  Using the right-click Copy menu option in the PM explorer window uses this functionality.
  • The qsarchive DBC creates an archive file from a focus or a folder that contains a set of related foci or subfolders.  If you create an archive file from a folder that contains foci that link to data outside the folder, the external data is copied into the archive. This ensures that you always get a consistent set of related foci when you extract from the archive file.  Using the right-click Export - to Archive menu option in the PM explorer window uses this functionality.
Full details are available in the SM Help (available by pressing F1 in the tool).
UPDATED:  April 18, 2017