Is there a way to switch which MailStream Plus USPS Reference library you are using on IBMi?

Operating System: IBMi

MSDBFILES is the name of the default MailStream Plus (MSP)  USPS Reference library.  But you can use any library name when installing new USPS Reference files.
There is not a way to set this up automatically, but it can be done manually.  You can manually change to any library right before a job runs which MailStream Plus USPS Reference File Library
to use and then after it runs, change it back. 
When you go into the MSP screens, choose  F20=Database Functions
Then choose 9 -
9.  Change default MailStream Plus USPS Reference File Library
In this screen you can change to any library that already has the MSP USPS Reference files installed :
Specify default MailStream Plus Database Library.
 Default MailStream Plus Database Library. .  MSP830SEP5
Above shows in this example, MSP is set to use the library MSP830SEP5
If you also have a library called - MSP830OCT5 and for a particular job, you want to switch to this library, then here you can change to tell MSP to use the MSP830OCT5 library.
Then when that job is done, you can change it back to MSP830SEP5
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017