How to add your accounts to your profile

UPDATED: April 28, 2017

Manage your products, postage, billing and payments in one location by adding each account number to your online profile. Once you create your profile, follow the steps to add all of your Pitney Bowes accounts.
Note: If you do not see your invoice or product, the billing account might not be enrolled in the system and will need to be added. If your only Pitney Bowes product is SendPro™ or pbSmartPostage™, you may not have an account number. Contact client support by phone or by chat to add your account to your profile.
  1. Sign In to your account online.
  2. Expand the menu next to your first name (located at the top of the main screen) by selecting the down (V) arrow. Then select Manage Profile.
  3. On the Profile Management screen, select Manage Accounts.
Edit Account Numbers
  1. Next to the section, Account Numbers, select the link: Edit.
  2. Select the link: Add Account Number +.
Add Account Number
  1. Enter the account number you wish to add, then select Continue.
  1. Confirm your company identity by providing one piece of information from the menu options. Then select Submit.

By adding all of your account number(s), you instantly benefit from the efficiency of our account management system, including paying bills online. You can also manage your products and postage, such as setting meter refill alerts.

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Clients adding multiple accounts to their online profile.


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