How to populate just some of the fields on xx INF parameters that have multiple fields in MailStream Plus

Most of the xx INF (BATINF, EP INF, PA INF, and RP INF) parameter subkeywords are used to populate just one data field, perhaps on a Postage Statement or into a single field in a Mail.dat file.

But some xx INF subkeywords are used to populate two or more fields.  For example see the layout text for subkeyword MDLPPR shown at the bottom of this article.  It has four fields that can be populated by it, with one space between each field.  You can populate any one, any two, any three, or all four fields on it as needed in a mailing.

On the xx INF parameters the 'data area' starts in position 35.  Here is the parameter for MDLPPR as it would look if all four fields are being used.  (The values NNNNNNNN, T, AAAAAAAAAA, and Z shown in the example and shown in the layout text at the bottom are *just* for indicating the formatting/positions of the fields.  When used in a mailing job the actual values desired would be used.)

For any fields that are not being used they must be left blank by "spacing over" to the starting location of the field that needs to be used.  If only the second field needed to be used in a job, say to populate MPA-1108 with a P for Permit, the parameter would look like this-
RP INF                     MDLPPR          P             

Or if just the first and third fields needed to be used, it would look like this (if the Mail Owner's permit reference number was all 1's, and the Nonprofit authorization was all 2's.)  Note that the second field which is in position 44 was spaced over since it was not being used. 
RP INF                     MDLPPR 11111111   2222222222

If only the 4th field was being used, to populate the Mail.dat ZAP option with a value 3, then positions 35-56 (the first three fields on the subkeyword) would be "spaced over" to bypass them, and the new ZAP value would go into position 57- 
RP INF                     MDLPPR                       3

Important note: On some multiple-field subkeywords there *may not* be any spaces between two fields, or there may be *more* than a single space between fields, or a combination of different spacings.  
The mailer preparing the parameter needs to check the correct layout by looking in the MailStream Plus Reference Guide for the version of MailStream Plus being used. The Reference Guides are available on

                    Mail.dat file                                          Applies to:
                     and field                                            PA    EP   RP   BAT  MAIL 
Subkeyword  Length   code, if any    Description                          INF   INF  INF  INF  .DAT
                                                                                 X    X    X    X
MDLPPR       23                      Mail Owners Permit reference
                                     number/International billing number.
                                     This four-part subkeyword, with one
                                     space between each component,
                                     has this format:
                                     NNNNNNNN T AAAAAAAAAA Z
                                     8 bytes, 1 - 8, .MPA-1107 -
                                     1 byte, 10, .MPA-1108 - T
                                     10 bytes, 12 - 21, .MPA-1115 -

                                     1 byte, 23, .CQT-1110/.HDR-1162

              8       MPA-1107       Mail owner's permit reference
                                     Format is: NNNNNNNN (length 8)

              1       MPA-1108       Permit type.
                                     Format: T
                                     S Stamp
                                     M Meter
                                     P Permit
                                     G Government - federal
                                     H Government meter
                                     V Virtual
             10       MPA-1115       Nonprofit authorization.
                                     Format: AAAAAAAAAA
                                     Optional. This information populates
                                     the Mail.dat field. To populate the
                                     Postage Statement, use the
                                     UNANO subkeyword.
              1       HDR-1162       Mail.dat ZAP option (Zone Analysis
                                     Format: Z
                                     Optional. Must be numeric if
                                     specified. Default is 1.
UPDATED:  August 7, 2017