How to deploy an association rule from the command line in Spectrum/Portrait Miner

Product Feature: Association Rule Wizard, Data Build Utilities
In Spectrum/Portrait Miner, the Association Rule Wizard allows newly created rules to be exported as a TML script and deployed against a dataset:

Association Rule Wizard - Deploy tab

But this same functionality is not available from the qsruleminer data build command (DBC).

The following steps allow this functionality to be replicated at the command line:
  1. To allow the rule .xml file to be transformed to create the .tml file, the CLASSPATH must be set to include the required saxon7.jar file included in the PM server/desktop installation.  For example:
    • set CLASSPATH=C:\PortraitMiner\server\qs7.0B\java\thirdparty\saxon7.jar
  2. Save the attached qse_tmp.xml to a location it can be accessed, for example C:\PortraitMiner\shared\tmp, this will be referenced at the command line
  3. Run the following command to transform the .xml file created by qsruleminer into a .tml file:
    • C:\PortraitMiner\server\jre\win32\1.6.0_21\bin\jqsdbc.exe net.sf.saxon.Transform -o outputTML.tml MyFocus_ruleminer.xml C:\PortraitMiner\ext\qsruleminerrulesToTML.xsl deployListFile=file:///"C:/PortraitMiner/shared/tmp/qse_tmp.xml" output=None
  4. This generated .tml file can then be used as the aggregations input to a qsmeasure command, for example:
    • qsmeasure -keys BasketID -input -output -aggregations outputTML.tml
UPDATED:  August 2, 2017