MailStream Plus, ALG CR positions 14 and 16 need to be re-worded, due to changes in the USPS's Carrier Route options over the years.

The wording in the MailStream Plus Reference Guide (and on the IBMi Screen) for ALG CR position 14 "Run Non-Automation Enhanced Carrier" is no longer correct due to changes in the USPS CRRT options over the years. 
It's going to be changed to say "Run Standard Mail Enhanced Carrier Presort?"  That is what that position does, is turn on or off Standard Mail CRRT.  It does not control whether the pieces go auto or non-auto.  That is determined by P ATTR parameter position 66 setting which is used to indicate if a piece is physically automation-compatible or not. 

Likewise, for ALG CR position 16 (the next line on the IBMi screen), says "Run Regular Carrier Presort?"
'Regular Carrier' doesn't mean anything like it used to. We're going to change it to say "Run Periodicals/Package Services Carrier Presort?"  That is really what that option is for. 

It's not known at this time if the Reference Guide (and screen) text changes will make it into the next MailStream Plus release or not.  That is release 8.3.1, at this time due out in early January 2016. 
UPDATED:  April 11, 2017