OfficeMail OFMA Alternative Envelope and Auto Envelopes feature

The "Alternative Envelope" was designed based on specific customer requirement, where it is to use along with Triggers (auto release bundle).
In the "Triggers configuration's When to print" section, there is an configuration item called Minimum Envelopes (i.e. minimum mail pieces), which means that if at trigger time there are not enough mail pieces for that bundle that all those jobs in the bundle are moved to another bundle (based on Alternative Envelope) waiting to be triggered in an attempt to maximise bundle volumes thus maximise discount.
So the job could only be moved to a bundle using the same or alternative envelope.
Unfortunately this is an incomplete work, where the customer no longer required this feature.
This has been removed from OFMA4.0 onward as it never worked.

Looking at the Mailing Envelope configuration section, you will noticed a check box of "Auto".
This is the "Auto Envelopes" feature, which is a different/separate feature to the "Alternative Envelope".
The "Auto Envelopes" feature is use to automatically select a larger capacity envelope if there were to many sheets for the pre-selected envelope e.g. driven by a settings group.

The "Auto Envelopes" feature has been tested with OFMA3.9.0.7 and confirm it is working as designed.

Please note:
1. You need to tick the "Auto" at Mailing Envelope's configuration; this tells OFMA that selected envelope (ticked Auto) will be automatically use, unless Settings Group enforced something else
2. 1st rule - this "Auto Envelopes" feature will use the ticked Auto envelope with next closest capacity neglecting what defined the display order (the alternative envelope is irrelevant here)
3. 2nd rule - when there are 2 envelopes with the same next closest capacity, the display order will be honour i.e. use the higher order

Settings Group will take DL for all docs
User-added image
- when doc is 6 pages, DL will be selected
- when doc is between 7 and 20, large will be selected
- when doc is between 21 and 30, bulk will be selected

Please verify and contact us at if you have any query.
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UPDATED:  April 21, 2017