How to understand the Terminology settings within Confirm

UPDATED: June 19, 2017

The default terminology used on Confirm screens varies according to which Confirm executable is being run. See Terminology in Confirm Products for more information.

For example 'Feature' is called 'Asset' when running Confirm Street Lighting, and 'Tree' when running Confirm Arboriculture.

The Terminology System Settings screen allows these terms to be overridden. The settings do not vary according to the Confirm executable unlike the default settings.

If terms are not overridden, all Confirm executables use the default terminology. 

Each default name has three columns into which the user-defined name can be entered. 

• The first column is used for the full user-defined terminology. 

• The second column may be used for a shorter name which the system will use if it cannot fit the name in the first column into the available space. 

• The third column may be used to define a fully shortened name which the system will use if it cannot fit the name in the first column, or the name in the second column, into the available space.

Fields in the forms and filters associated with the Site (Road Classification And Names) will also be re-named in accordance with the terminology settings.

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