Mail360 Manager -What is the REGION size needed for calling G1IMBAPI, or executing M3DR00 on z/OS mainframe?

UPDATED: October 31, 2017

What are the MVS (z/OS) Region size requirements for the following?:
o Calling G1IMBAPI.
o Executing M3DR00.

Information from the Developers-
We recommend REGION=0M for the EXEC step of any program calling G1IMBAPI, be it M3DR00 or any other. 
All of the testing done for Mail360 was performed with REGION=0M, which should permit the step to consume whatever memory it needs.
The region size would be specified either in the EXEC statement or in the JOB statement from the JCL that runs the calling program. Our samples conventionally specify it in the EXEC statement. Doing so ensures that the program in that step can allocate as much storage as it needs. Specifying it on the JOB statement enables every EXEC step to do the same unless the EXEC has a different REGION parameter specified.

Environment Details

Operating System: z/OS (MVS)


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