How to install the CODE-1 Plus US Postal database on the Unix/Linux platform

Operating System: Linux, Unix
Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
Installing the Database Files on the Unix/Linux platform:

1. Download the database(s) from the Internet. The database(s) must be loaded before using the product.

2. For database files that are 2 GB or larger, remove the comment character (#) from the following commands in the setuprts script:

3. If necessary, change the setmedia script to contain the correct information about the type and names of media.

4. If you specified a non-default directory for your database, you must change the $PBDB environment variable in the $PBDIR/c1p/bin/setup script. The database defaults to the directory $PBDIR/db. 

5. Issue the appropriate source command to setup the environment:

. bin/setup for Bourne shells
source bin/setup.csh for C shell

6. Run the database installation script using one of the following commands:



cd to $PBDIR/c1p/bin and type installdb

7. Follow the prompts generated from the installdb script to complete the database installation.
UPDATED:  September 11, 2017