How to configure Facebook application to work in Visual Dialogue

Product Feature: Plug-ins
NOTE:  Visual Dialogue no longer support the Facebook application.  Facebook restricted their API and this functionality was dropped by them. 

a. Facebook Wall Status: Facebook Access Token, Facebook User Name, Location.

b. Facebook Wall Status with linked photo: Facebook Access Token, Facebook User Name, Image URL, Link URL.

c. Facebook Wall Status with uploaded photo: Facebook Access Token, Facebook User Name, Image filename, Location

Follow below steps to get the details:

1. Goto to URL:

2. Goto MyApps and create a new app.

3. Remember you need to register a mobile number to create the app successfully.

4. After the App is created successfully, App ID(Access Token), App Secret(Access Token Secret) is visible.(Copy that in a file)

5. Navigate to URL:

6. Goto to Tools & Support then select Graphics API Explorer.

7. In the Graphics API Explorer, select your app name and click on Generate Token.

8. User Name is the name Login Username of Facebook(generally it's and email id)

9. On facebook general settings, you can find username and that is the Location in Visual Dialogue.(Eg.:

UPDATED:  October 26, 2018