How to understand the best way to use scanned files as attachments in PI Office Mail

* A4 is the only allowed document size for OfficeMail.
* Scanning a document slightly smaller than A4 should not cause an issue as long as they are within few millimeters smaller than A4, OfficeMail does not scale documents or attachments.
* Scanned images should not be brought into Word, this will in addition cause the scanned image to be converted to a color image, which will further increase the print file size.
* When possible, the scanned PDF files should conform to A4 so that they can be used as attachments.
* When the scanned image is attached via the OfficeMail Print Driver it is not part of the Word document and therefore the conversion from BW to Colour does not occur.
* When the PDF is brought into Word then it is converted from BW to Colour, this is standard how MS Word operates, this is an undesirable outcome.
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Product Feature: General
UPDATED:  November 16, 2017