How to add a User Database Connection to Spectrum/Portrait Miner when using it with Portrait Self Service Analytics

Product Feature: Run queries

If the "No such database connection user/password" error is displayed when running a build in Portrait Self Service Analytics (SSA), this means that the user running the build does not have a User Database Connection (UDC) in the corresponding Spectrum/Portrait Miner installation.

Spectrum/Portrait Miner UDCs are created on a per-user basis, and stored in the user's own folder %PMHOME%\shared\%USER%\database.xml.

The existing UDCs can be seen in Spectrum/Portrait Miner, either via the GUI or by running the qsdbaccess -list command. 

To check for UDCs, and create them as needed, log in to Spectrum/Portrait Miner as the required user and navigate to the Databases tab (at the bottom), any existing UDCs will be displayed.
To add a new UDC, click on the New Connection button and complete the required information (DSN, username and password)

User-added image

More information is available here

Note - the ability to run a build from within SSA is a customization, and not a standard product function.

UPDATED:  August 7, 2017