Code-1 Plus Software Capability Inquiry

Product Feature: General

Operating System: z/OS

Database: Not stated

Configuration: Not stated

Customer Inquiry:
We are currently developing a java application that will run within CICS. This application will need to obtain address cleansing just as we do with our current CICS application – C1MATCHI (yep, it’s that old). Could you please send some information that describes this type of java interface?


our Software Engineer & Platfrom Specialist.  Both are saying the possibility exist, but this is not something that we in Technical Support can assist with.  
We support the software out of the box.  Any custom configurations are not supported.  
The suggestion is to engage our Professional Services Group which is a paid service.  If you are interested in moving forward with this, contact your Sales Representative who can make the connection with Professional Services.

UPDATED:  April 5, 2017