Information about the new Vault Indexer Service in Vault suite

UPDATED: December 14, 2018

A new Indexer service is available from V6.0..

The Indexer service provides indexing that has higher performance due to multi-threading capabilities. Details are available under "Vault Indexer as a Service" in the Vault Customization Guide.

There is also an option to not use Indexer as a service and switch to the old method where indexing was an integral part of the loader. This can be done by enabling the parameters mentioned in the Vault Customization Guide.

In release 6.0, the Indexer as a Service was only available for Vault under Windows non-Unicode databases.

With release 6.1, it is available on all supported Vault platforms (Windows, AIX, Sparc Solaris, and x86 Linux) and supports Unicode databases.​

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