How to have MailStream Plus use a different value Service Type ID than what MSP flips to by default.

In a job, the IMb can be passed-in in the input Name-Address records, with IMBOUT position 11= P.
During the presort, MailStream Plus (MSP) will verify the value of the STID (Service Type ID) in the records, and by default will correct it if the mail piece does not qualify for the STID that is in the input record.  

For example, say in a First-Class mailing a mail piece record has a STID in the IMb of 081, which is for "Full-Service w/o IMb Tracing" and the Address Correction Option is "Full-Service ACS – ASR 2 Address Service Requested Opt 2"

If the mail piece does not qualify for Full Service (say it does not have ZIP+4/Delivery Point Code) by default MSP will automatically put in the correct STID that is closest to 081, in this case 080 "Nonautomation w/o IMb Tracing™"  and "OneCode ACS – ASR 2 Address Service Requested Opt 2"

(The same type of change would be made if the record had 080 to begin with, but MSP determined it and the mailing job were eligible for Full Service, the STID would be changed to 081)

A user asked if there was a way to have MSP change the STID to a different value than 080, in this case the mailer wanted 300 to be used.
No, MSP has a table of what STID values 'flip' to what other STID values.

Possible options for this situation-
When assigning the STIDs in the IMb's in the input records, use the correct value.  If the mail piece will not qualify for Full Service, do not use a Full Service STID.

Instead of passing in the IMb with the STIDs, configure the IMBOUT parameter to have MSP construct all the IMb's with the correct STID values during the presort. 

On ALG PP parameter position 10 use an X. That tells MSP to not validate the STIDs, to just leave them whatever value is in the input records's IMb's.  (It is then between the mailer and the USPS as to how to deal with any mail pieces that have incorrect STIDs on them.)

After MSP finishes the presort job, go into the Name-Address output file, and change records that now have 080 to the value you want.  Also for the same records make the same changes in the PDR (or PBC) file's record's IMb field.  Also if the SNR Seed Name file has been produced, you might have to change the IMb value there, if any of the records that MSP changed were seed records.

UPDATED:  August 30, 2017