How to know the version/patch of EngageOne Digital Delivery

e-Messaging Version: 1.4 & later.
There are two ways to know version/patch information of :
  • Login page of e-Messaging application displays (enclosed in black square box in following screenshots) e-Messaging application version. Refer following screenshots.
For EngageOne Digital Delivery 1.4:


For EngageOne Digital Delivery 1.5 and later:

  • From e-Messaging application logs. For this, occurrence of 'Product version' in e-Messaging Application logs can be searched.
Refer sample log snippet:
015-12-24 14:21:22,281 [EM] DEBUG [main] StartupListener.contextInitialized(101) | *****[v1.4M6][build 15277]<Date time> [EM] DEBUG [main] StartupListener.contextInitialized(101) | ***** Product version:
<Date time> [EM] DEBUG [main] StartupListener.contextInitialized(112) | Remember Me Enabled? true
Version of e-Messaging from log snippet is [v1.4M6].
UPDATED:  May 31, 2017