How to remove message type with status 'F' and 'I' in Large Message Queue (LMQ) in EngageOne Delivery Audit

It is recommended to correct job files which goes on 'I' or 'F' state however if these job files has been processed successfully (gets into status 'C'), by putting them again the hot folder, earlier job files in LMQ, with status 'F' and 'I' will not needed.
There will be no impact of having a job file in ‘I’ or ‘F’ status if job files has been processed again hence these can be deleted just to make LMQ look clean.

Following are the steps to remove message type rows from Large Message Queue table:
1. Navigate to Data Manager Database.
2. Execute following query on the Data Manager Database. This will show all the Message type rows with status 'F' and 'I'
SELECT [large_message_id]
  FROM [Data_Manager_Database].[dbo].[large_messages_queue]
  WHERE status in( 'F','I')
3. Execute following query to delete row based on ”large_message_id”.
DELETE FROM large_messages_queue WHERE large_message_id = ”large_message_id from step 2”

NOTE: Verify the large_message_id before deleting. After the row is deleted, there is no possibility of recovering it.
UPDATED:  November 6, 2017