How to apply Spectrum patch for RedHat versions in Spectrum

UPDATED: April 20, 2017

With Spectrum when applying a patch for Red Hat, there is a different version depending on the version of the glibc that the customer has.  glibc is one of the main libraries in Linux.  Lots of things depend on it.  Each version of Linux tends to have a new version of glibc.  The newer the Linux, the higher the version of glibc. We have to provide shared objects that work for each version of Linux we support.  So when applying a patch to a Red Hat environment, the customer would use the folder in the zip file that correlates to the version of Red Hat that they have.
2.12 = Red Hat 6
2.3 = Red Hat 4
2.5 = Red Hat 5


Environment Details

Product Feature: US Component

Operating System: Not stated

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