How to understand the way that Site reinstatement data updated through NSG upload in Confirm


Confirm supports both DTF 7.1 and DTF 8.1 format specifications on import and export, and also provides Gazetteer maintenance functionality.

Once configured there are several common scenarios that an NSG Custodian will need to perform in Confirm

There are two types of files that are involved while NSG import/export is done i.e. Site (Street csv) file and ASD file. 
Basic information is fetched from Site file whereas if you need to include information like Interest, Reinstatement and Designation, ASD file has to be included while import/export. 


ASD is viewed, edited, added and deleted via the Site screen. On this screen there is an ‘Other’ button with the options to open the Interests, Reinstatements and Designations screens in order to do this
ASD data can also be loaded onto map layers, for reference only, by using Stage 4 of the NSG Import, after your latest set of NSG data files has been re-loaded into the database. 
UPDATED:  August 24, 2017