How Vault Page Count Licensing Works

UPDATED: September 7, 2017

How Vault Page Count Licensing Works


The Vault license mechanism is used to check if a user is licensed to use Vault system during startup. It is also used to check if the stored page count is within the licensed page count while Vault is running.

Inside the license file, there is setting for the monthly page count limit that Vault will store in its documents for any given month. If the total document page count is over the limit, then the license component will show errors messages and the Vault system will suspend loading new documents until the maximum monthly page count is under the licensed limit.

How the Page Count License check works

The Vault loader process page count license check will:

1. Examine all jobs;

2. Use the modification time to assign the job to a month bucket;

3. Read the page count from the .DRP header;

4. Total the pages for each month;

The page count check doesn't start until the load process goes idle so it is possible to restart the loader and have it process files that are there before the check runs and suspends operations.

Pages per month can get triggered even on normal growth.

1. License expiry can also happen in the normal course of operation.

2. Operating system type/version restrictions could prevent Vault from running but that would typically only occur if the host was upgraded or moved to another platform.

3. Input stream or metadata restrictions can prevent certain types of data from loading but this should only trigger if users switch formats (e.g. switching from MetaCode to Postscript when users only license MetaCode).

4. If Vault is only licensed for certain output modes, you can run into a restriction if the client applications change the format of output data requested.

5. If the license files are damaged or become unreadable for some reason (e.g. access control) Vault will not operate properly.

6. You need to be careful with the pages per month check. It is based on the file date of the .DRP file. If these files are mass copied using a method that resets their time stamp, you can end up with all the data assigned to the current date. This in turn usually trips the pages per month restriction. If this happens, users would need to using some sort of tool (e.g. touch on Unix) to reset the creation time stamp on these files to an appropriate date.

Extra pages added when loading documents

Vault does not maintain precise page count totals. It does track the number of compressed file pages but these do no exactly correspond to the number of pages in documents. That's usually because Vault uses extra compressed file pages for housekeeping purposes. Those housekeeping pages will depend on the stream type involved.

1. AFP will usually add 1 additional page that ends up holding any structured field data past the last end page. A parameter of AlternateAFPCompress can be used to control the extra page:


AlternateAFPCompress=1 : the content between BPG and EPG is being preserved so generictle never sees the TLE fields.


AlternateAFPCompress=0 : the page starts at the first BNG and ends at subsequent EPGs. This means the TLE fields are seen. However, it produces the extra bogus page at the end of the file because of ENG/EDT fields.


AlternateAFPCompress=2 : suppresses the blank page like AlternateAFPCompress=1 but associates TLE fields with pages the way AlternateAFPCompress=0 does which makes the generic TLE document builder work properly.


2. Metacode will add a variable number of pages to hold inline resources.

3. Postscript will add a small number of pages to manage the postscript header data.

4. Collections pages are not pages to begin with but arbitrary blocks of the included files. Each block of 256KB contributes one page to the the page count.

5. Real pages that are skipped in the journal still appear in the compressed file and count towards the total. I.e. if there are 1000 documents and they all skip page 1, then the count in the journal could be 1000 less that the compressed file's total.

That's one of the reasons for the 10% grace to the page count limit.


Older versions before 5.4 had station id numbers for clients and rendering engines that could cause issues because they had to be unique and the total number was enforced.


How Page Count Exceptions work

The page count enforcement checks the page counts assigned to each month of data in the entire Vault. In some cases, customers need to load large amounts of data for a short period of time. This could be for a business reason or for back loading historical data when Vault is set up.


Note: Page count exception handling is not a generally available option for customers. This was done to satisfy customer contracts where this feature mistakenly made available. Exception files cannot be created through the normal licensing system.


To have a low page count license but tolerate certain months with high page count, an exception file can be created. This file lists exception months and their month specific page count limit. The license check log messages or an audit report can give you the number to use for exceptional months.


To activate an exception file:

A. Copy the signed VaultExceptions.xml into the server directory

B. On startup the e2loaderd process should read this additional license file

C. The license check / audit process should read the exception settings from the license data



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?><license hashtype="1" key="qSlgswSNHW+rs5/p4ewVc9PLoiJ+rl3/GYDA/v8jPSPyvox3H0c7Y5LYv81Cqbz2&#xA;LjeSACCTcdhDN6vrqyzkjw==&#xA;" keysize="64" keytype="1" version="2.0">

<customer>PB Professional</customer>

<environment id="5" name="e2">

<module enabled="True" expiration="" id="1" moduleVersion="1.0" name="e2 Vault">

<PageCountException id="201105">6100000</PageCountException>

<PageCountException id="201107">7400000</PageCountException>

<PageCountException id="201108">5200000</PageCountException>

<PageCountException id="201109">7400000</PageCountException>





10:34:02 Vault Loader 7.0M2p0027


10:34:12 begin licence check

10:34:12 page limit [5000000]

10:34:12 month [2011/05] pages [6089669] exceeds limit

10:34:12 month [2011/07] pages [7369375] exceeds limit

10:34:12 month [2011/08] pages [5121773] within grace limit

10:34:12 month [2011/09] pages [7301515] exceeds limit

10:34:12 total pages [48225069]

10:34:12 total files [9]

10:34:12 peak [2011/07] pages [7369375]

10:34:12 ERROR 13910: licenced monthly page counts exceeded

10:34:12 load operations disabled

10:34:12 end licence check


10:35:09 Vault Loader 7.0M2p0027


10:35:19 begin licence check

10:35:19 page limit [5000000]

10:35:19 month [2011/05] pages [6089669] within exception limit

10:35:19 month [2011/07] pages [7369375] within exception limit

10:35:19 month [2011/08] pages [5121773] within grace limit

10:35:19 month [2011/09] pages [7301515] within exception limit

10:35:19 total pages [48225069]

10:35:19 total files [9]

10:35:19 peak [2011/07] pages [7369375]

10:35:19 end licence check


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?><license hashtype="1" key="sVjKHDrwAq5PxRMghSDSExE912diO9/YqD0W8GLcWtt1vF0JQTfyUn44q3MXnJ6N&#xA;1ZgvHJoxr7M4CzqcuO+XbQ==&#xA;" keysize="64" keytype="1" version="2.0">

<customer>PB professional Service</customer>

<environment id="1" name="e2 Vault">

<module enabled="True" expiration="2018-10-27" id="1" moduleVersion="1.0" name="e2 Vault">

<PageCountException id="201404">110000</PageCountException>

<PageCountException id="201406">130000</PageCountException>

<PageCountException id="201407">225000</PageCountException>





10:43:04 Vault Loader 6.1M1p0143


10:43:15 begin licence check

10:43:15 page limit [100000]

10:43:15 month [2014/04] pages [107976] within grace limit

10:43:15 month [2014/06] pages [126000] exceeds limit

10:43:15 month [2014/07] pages [161525] exceeds limit

10:43:15 total pages [951604]

10:43:15 total files [21]

10:43:15 peak [2014/07] pages [161525]

10:43:15 ERROR 13910: licenced monthly page counts exceeded

10:43:15 load operations disabled

10:43:15 end licence check


10:43:45 Vault Loader 6.1M1p0143


10:43:55 begin licence check

10:43:55 page limit [100000]

10:43:55 month [2014/04] pages [107976] within grace limit

10:43:55 month [2014/06] pages [126000] within exception limit

10:43:55 month [2014/07] pages [161525] within exception limit

10:43:55 total pages [951604]

10:43:55 total files [21]

10:43:55 peak [2014/07] pages [161525]

10:43:55 end licence check



1. As usual the page count license check / audit is sensitive to the file modification date

a. easily altered, sometimes unintentionally

b. kill, fileinfo -p, touch, copy, etc might change date

c. touch can be used to set it back on Unix, fileinfo -d on Windows

2. Sensitive to time zone

a. fileinfo -d did not account for time zone properly

b. older license check used UTC time rather than local time to determine date bucket

3. Users can turn on license debugging in server.ini for a few additional messages





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