How to know where to find the USPS​ bundles and trays/sacks information used for destination information when using MailStream Plus

Products affected:  MailStream Plus all versions   

Product Feature: USPS Rules 

Operating System: All Platforms
The USPS Labeling Lists have the information of where bundles, and trays/sacks get labelled to.

The Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) is available at
The Labeling Lists are available at in the section 'Additional Links".
(the URLs above are correct as-of Jan 2016.)

The Labeling List data is in the MailStream Plus monthly Postal Reference Files (PRFs) because the USPS makes changes to the Lists as they need to for whatever reason.

As an example of how they are used, the USPS told a customer that in his non-barcoded Periodical Flats mailings, Mixed-ADC bundles were incorrectly labelled to MADC 481, and that they should have been labelled to MADC 150. This bundle labeling was being done using Optional Endorsement Lines.

Sometimes the step-by-step Mail Preparation regulations say what Labeling List to use.  But looking in the DMM, Periodical Flats bundles in this type of mailing are prepared under 207 22.2.  Section h there is about Mixed-ADC bundles, but it does not say what Labeling List to use.  

In this case, what list to use is determined by looking at DMM 708, "Exhibit 7.2.5 OEL Labeling Lists".  This is part of that table-
PRESORT TYPE                AADC           MIXED AADC

Flats, nonbarcoded          L004           L201, L009

So these Mixed-ADC bundles get labelled per L201 (if it applies) or else L009.  For this mailing's entry point, 480, labeling is per L009.  And for this mailing's entry point, it was found that the bundle 'Label To' destination had changed recently.

In the November 2015 PRFs, which are valid for mailings from December 1 2015 thru January 31 2016, L009 says Mixed-ADC bundles entered at 480 are to be labelled to MXD PITTSBURGH PA 150.

But in the December 2015 PRFs, which are valid for mailings from January 1 2016 thru February 29 2016, L009 says Mixed-ADC bundles entered at 480 are to be labelled to MXD DETROIT MI 481.  This mailing was being prepared using the Dec PRF data.

So for the month of January 2016, Mixed-ADC bundles entered at 480 would either go to 150 *or* 481, depending on which month's PRFs are being used.  The USPS Clerk was just not aware that in the newer Labeling List data (valid starting January 1, 2016), the Mixed-ADC 'Label To' had changed for that entry point. 

(Note, there is a separate Knowledge Base article concerning pallet labeling.)

UPDATED:  April 20, 2017