Setting a record length or location over 999 or 9999 bytes using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™ 
When you are defining a record length or defining a location on an input of output file that is over 9999 bytes, there is a great explanation at the beginning of Chapter 1 in the MailStream Plus™  Reference guide under the topic - Parameter Field Formats. 
To accommodate locations greater than 999, you may extend your location definition one position to the left.
To represent locations greater than 9999, you may specify an alphabetic character (A-W) in that position as follows:
A 10     I 18    Q 26
B 11    J 19    R 27
C 12    K 20    S 28
D 13    L 21    T 29
E 14    M 22   U 30
F 15    N 23    V 31
G 16    0 24
For example, to define a field starting in position 26003, you would specify Q003.
In another example, to define starting position 24000, specify O000.
The maximum value for any reference to a name/address record field location is 32660.
For IBM i, locations may not exceed 9999.


UPDATED:  May 8, 2019