MailStream Plus - How to define who is a user and in pbprep?

The pbprep replaces the var on the unix platform for the user and group information the installer has to have admin rights to install. Best for the installer to look at the previous version 830 user and group set and apply those same rights to the 831 setup.

MailStream Plus now requires a new shared license area located in the /opt directory, where third-party software should be located. This shared license area must be defined as /opt/pb. We provide a script, pbprep, to create the /opt/pb shared license area. A System Administrator, or someone with root privileges, must run the pbprep script. Run the pbprep script as pbprep <user> <group>, where <user> is the owner of the /opt/pb area and <group> is the group id of the group who will have write access to the /opt/pb. Anyone with root privileges, such as a system administrator, can create a /opt/pb shared license area, which must contain the following
– /etc
– /msn
– /var
– /var/log
Set up the proper user:group permissions for the area where this MailStream Plus is installed. If you do NOT have write access to the installation, installation will not run to normal completion.
• You must establish a shared license area in /opt/pb. During the installation process, the installation script provides these shared license area setup options:
• Install anywhere on the UNIX/Linux machine you need for production purposes: This will be the production installation area, and will be tracked by the shared license file.
• Install to a test area: The test area will not be tracked by the shared license file, so any patches/updates will not be applied to any test area.
You may create as many test areas as needed.
Only one area will be tracked by the shared license file: the production area selected during the installation process. The installation process creates a log file to assist our Technical Support Representatives in resolving problems you may encounter during the installation. The installation script places a file, pbauto.log, in the /opt/pb/var/log directory. If the person installing the software does not have write access to the opt/pb area, or if they do not have write access to an existing pbauto.log file, the install
process will terminate with a warning message. "root" access is not required; however, you must have proper permissions for the area where you
want to install MailStream Plus. If the installer does not have the proper privileges and authority, the installation procedure will terminate with a warning message.
UPDATED:  September 26, 2017