MailStream Plus - Does MailStream have the option to create Priority Mail Presort Labels?

Question:Does MailStream Plus create the file that could be used to create the attached Priority-Mail-Presort-Label document and does TPS-II have an option to print the Priority-Mail-Presort-Label?

Answer:The  MSP software does not create a data file specific for the attached label. The MSP software does create the IMpB barcode and the Banner text to the Name and address record that provides the user with the information to be used with their print program. The user could use the data in the name and address record to produce a mailing label.

Note: The TPSII [TRAY/Pallet Software] was created to print label for trays or pallets it does not have the ability to print the Priority-Mail-Presort-Label .

UPDATED:  September 26, 2017