How to put all of your mail onto pallets using MailStream Plus

Products affected:  MailStream Plus  

Product Feature: Palletization Plus

Operating System: All Platforms

A mailer can make all the mail go onto pallets by adding an xx MIN and an xx FRC parameter for whatever pallet level it's wanted for the mail (that might normally be un-palletized) to go onto.

CP MIN and CP FRC are used if the job is making Commingled Pallets.  If Commingling Pallets is turned off with ALG AU position 10=N, then PL MIN and PL FRC are used instead.
The xx MIN and xx FRC are used to tell MailStream Plus (MSP) the minimum amount of mail that can be on a pallet, and the force amount to force MSP to make a pallet.

Keep in mind that making pallets below the minimums required per the USPS DMM (Domestic Mail Manual) can result in the USPS not accepting the mailing, or charging penalties.  
But some mailers want/need MSP to presort everything onto pallets, and then they later re-build the pallets using a Mail.dat Editor, or other process, before the mailing actually goes to the USPS.

Here are three examples using Standard Mail class.

Standard Mail Letters - trays going onto pallets
You can choose the pallet level you want to change the FRC and MIN on, but commonly it might be at the least-fine pallet level (Mixed-NDC or 'MNDC') or 'ORG' as it is referred to on MSP parameters.  Since pallets for letter in trays are made based on number of trays, you would put 00001 in position 26-30 of the MIN and FRC parameters, to say that only one tray is needed to make a pallet.
CP MIN ORG               00001
CP FRC ORG               00001

Standard Mail Flats - in sacks going onto pallets 

For Flats in sacks going onto pallets, again the ORG level is the least-fine level.  Since Flats are palletized based on weight, not the number of trays or sacks, you use positions 14-18 to put a small minimum weight on make pallets.  Like '0.001' pounds.
CP MIN ORG   0.001
CP FRC ORG   0.001

Standard Mail Flats - Putting mail bundles directly on pallets.
There are some issues with wanting to palletize all bundles of Flats.  Mailers can consider the methods below, and choose which method (if any) they want to do.

First, per DMM regulations, bundles are *not* allowed to be put on Mixed NDC (ORG) level pallets.  For that reason, by default the ORG level is turned off when palletizing bundles.  The level would have to be manually turned on with a PL LVL-
CP MIN ORG   0.001
CP FRC ORG   0.001

The next pallet level above Mixed-NDC is NDC pallets.  Mixed-level bundles are not put on NDC pallets by default in MSP, but is allowed per DMM regulations.  Just adding a Y to ALG PL position 34 tells MSP to put mixed-level containers (trays/sacks) onto NDC pallets.  
ALG PL P                         Y

If an appropriate NDC pallet is already being made, then the bundle will be put on it.
If one is not already being made, then the MIN and FRC for the NDC level pallet's weight would have to be reduced.
CP MIN NDC   0.001
CP FRC NDC   0.001

NOTE: Be sure to check with the USPS to make sure that if the NDC pallet is going to the USPS, are they okay with getting a possibly illegally small NDC pallet?
Also, At this time a Y is PL LVL position 34 works for Trays/Sacks *and* bundles.  In a future release, MSP may be changed so that position 34 does not apply to bundles.  This is because DMM 705 8.10.3 says-
"At the mailer’s option, appropriate mixed ADC bundles and sacks of flats; and mixed ADC trays and mixed AADC trays of letters, may be sorted to NDC pallets according to the “label to” ZIP Code in L010. All mixed ADC bundles, sacks, and trays and mixed AADC trays must contain only pieces destinating within the NDC as shown in L601"
(DMM Reference is as-of January 2016)
This change may be made to the software because depending on the mailing and how the presort is set up, Mixed level bundles that are made made may not contain *only* mail destinating within the NDC.

In addition to the pallet levels mentioned above such as ORG, there are also RES level pallets.  These are sometimes called 'Courtesy' pallets.  
Note: they are not a real pallet level per the DMM, they are used mainly as a means to put mail onto 'pallets' for transportation.  
By default, RES level is turned off, so if  RES level pallets are wanted, then in addition to using FRC and MIN parameters it must be turned on with a-

The Y in position 14 says to make RES level pallets (after other pallet levels are made.)

For more information on the use of the parameters, and pallet levels, please refer to the MailStream Plus Reference Guide, available at web site

UPDATED:  April 14, 2017