How to write the output from Bar-coded Bag/Tray Tag Option zOS version to a file and then ftp the file

Operating System: zOS

Does Bar-coded Bag/Tray Tag Option (BTO) on z/OS allow you to take the output to a file for ftp?
We want to print to a file then SFTP the file and then send the file to a printer.  We are trying to do this and it is not working.

The Bar-coded Bag/Tray Tag Option (BTO) which uses this exec:
//BX1000   EXEC PGM=BX1000,..
Unfortunately, the output from BTO is not portable; that is - we do not support writing it to a file.  The format of the spooled output is not compatible with what would be necessary for a datafile.
We do offer a product on the Windows Platform – Tag Print System II.  This will print IMB barcoded tray/bag/pallet tags generated from a MailStream Plus job to a printer on the Windows platform.
Note ***
The BTO version you have today does not support Full Service IMB container tags.  Pitney Bowes sunsetted this program in 2014.  Of course it still runs.  It reached End of life in March 2014.  But even if it were fully supported, we never supported the ability to ftp a file from the mainframe down to a printer with this product.  The suggestion is to use a Windows version of this product.

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UPDATED:  August 14, 2017