How to package a workspace in MapInfo Pro

UPDATED: December 3, 2018

To save a copy of a workspace along with all the data referenced by it, use the Workspace Packager tool. 

1. Load the utility. Navigate to:
  • MapInfo Pro (32-bit): Tools > Tool Manager, select the Loaded checkbox for Workspace Packager and click OK.
  • MapInfo Pro (64-bit): HOME > Tools Extension > Registered tab > double-click Workspace Packager.

2. Open the tool
  • MapInfo Pro (32-bit): Tools > Workspace Packager > Package Current Workspace.
  • MapInfo Pro (64-bit): Double-click Workspace Packager in the Running tab (HOME > Tools Extension).

It is best to export all files to a new folder. The folder can then be zipped and shared


Environment Details

Products affected: MapInfo Pro, MapInfo Discover bundle



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