Resolve installing MapInfo Professional 15.0 32 bit when only an Advanced 15.2 64 bit serial number is provided

If a client has purchased an Advanced MapInfo Professional 15.2 (64-bit) serial number and wants to install MapInfo Professional 15.0 (32-bit) version with the Advanced serial, the serial entered during the installation will show up as Invalid.

(This is for Stand alone versions of MapInfo Professional only)
Customers must have 15.2 (64 bit) first installed and activated, then when installing MapInfo Pro 15.0 (32 bit) users must install as a trial by checking the box during the installation wizard. 

Once finished with the installation MapInfo Professional 15.0 should show up as fully activated. 

Customers may have to edit the registry to reflect the Advanced serial to show up in Help > About on the MapInfo Professional 15.0 screen as it may show up as a trial serial, even though fully licensed. 

Customers can navigate in the registry, and double click on ProductID and Access code and manually enter the Advanced serial information.


Once applied launch MapInfo Pro 15.0 and the serial should be reflected in the Help > About menu. 

Environment Details
product affected: MapInfo Pro™
UPDATED:  September 15, 2017