How to stop EP ROL moving pieces to the Default entry point instead of the NDC in MailStream Plus

When you have a job setup using ENT PT parameters:
ENT PT     256       61821 SCF  CHAMPAIGN        IL 61821 NYNN S   2
ENT PT     260       62703 SCF  SPRINGFIELD      IL 62703 NYNN S   2
ENT PT     264       63042 NDC  St.Louis         MO 63042 NNXN B   4
ENT PT     999       08831  MONROE TWP NJ 08831                O       Y


If you want to use EP ROL with a NEXT in position 18 - 26:
EP ROL 256       NEXT      Y Y N N Y Y
EP ROL 260       NEXT      Y Y N N Y Y


You need to add EP TBL parameters:
EP TBL 264       420-424 475-477 609 613-620 622-631 633 634 636-639

This will move the values from SCFs EP 256 and EP 260 to the NDC which is EP 264.

Note:  Also you need to have EP TBL parameters for the initial Entry points (SCFs 256 and 260 in the example above.)  Or else the pieces will not go to the initial entry points.  Instead they will go to the first entry point level that has an EP TBL for the 3-digit, either the NDC, or else the default entry point.

Or you can use the ADC PT, NDC PT and SCF PT parameters and the EP TBL parameter will not be required.

UPDATED:  August 14, 2017