MapInfo Professional and updating table with start and end coordinates of nodes of line objects

UPDATED: April 26, 2017

Add four columns of type "float" to the table to hold the coordinate values.
Use Table>Maintenance>Table Structure (Table>Table>Modify Structure) to add the columns to the table.

In this example, name the columns BegX, BegY, EndX, EndY

Then, use Table>Update Column to extract the coordinates.
Fill in the dialog box as follows:

Table to update: line table
Column to update: BegX
Get Value from table: line table
value: objectgeography(obj,1)
User-added image

Next, repeat the same process for the other three columns using the following for the values:
objectgeography(obj,1)     is for updating BegX
objectgeography(obj,2)     is for updating BegY
objectgeography(obj,3)               "            EndX
objectgeography(obj,4)               "            EndY

File>save table (Home>Save Table) to save the changes.

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