How to use Task Processor File Name Expressions with regards to Date and Time correctly in Confirm

Product Feature: Application Infrastructure

It has been brought to our attention that an undocumented capability is being used by some customers to define the file name during an export. The “today” function is intended to return the current date, and the “now” function should be used to return the current time. Some customers may have used the “today” function to return the current time.

In v16 of Confirm the hours and minutes portion of the “today” function is no longer returned. The correct method for defining a filename to include the current date and time is:

                 String(today(),”ddmmyyyy”) + string(now(),”hhmmss”)

This would replace the format that would have worked pre v16 of:


In v16 the above function will now deliver the hours / minutes / seconds component as 000000, which could result in duplicate file names for interfaces that run more than once a day.

We recommend all customers check their Scheduled Reports and interface file exports, and if the “today” function is being used to generate time then replace it with the “today” and “now” functions used together as in the example above. If you require assistance with changing your expressions please raise a Support Call with our Technical Support team.
UPDATED:  September 26, 2017