How to avoid issues where reports generated from Maildat files don’t match reports from MailStream Plus job

When viewing the Qualification report generated from the Mail.dat files, there are 96 sacks.
And these sacks do not match the output in the actual sacks.
The MailStream Plus (MSP) report has 46 sacks.
In the MSP jobname.rpt, find the MSMS00 step and find how many sacks?
MSMS00 -- MailStream Plus Mailing Sequence Verification
Non-Palletized Sacks Encountered                  46
In the REPORT MAILDAT written report, how many Container Summary (CSM) records?
MSRP00 -- MailStream Plus Reporting, R08.3M01,                                  MSRPMD00 -- Mail.dat
Container Summary Record Count:            46
In the CSM file you are looking at, how many CSM records?  96
The user reran the job and now the counts match.
Looks like the Mail.dat files pulled in were not from the same job.  That is why the counts did not match.
UPDATED:  August 14, 2017