How to know if the Legacy List Products (List Conversion, Label Printing, EZ-Case, Business Merge/Purge, Consumer Merge/Purge, and Generalized Selection) certified for z/OS 2.2 (and other earlier z/OS versions)?

UPDATED: August 30, 2017

These are legacy products, which were last built and released about 10 years (or longer) ago.  Pitney Bowes Software  does not re-certify existing products on newer operating systems.  The most recent z/OS they were certified on was 1.12 

Our policy regarding using them on non-certified O/Ss-
We cannot recommend that our applications be used on any operating system they have not been certified on, because we cannot guarantee that they will run without error, or give the correct results.  But they might, depending on how much IBM makes the newer Operating Systems backwards-compatible. 

Assuming a user has current maintenance contract for the application- 
If it is being used on a non-certified platform, Tech Support will still try to assist as far as parameters and usage. 
If the issue is that a problem has occurred with the product usage or with results, we would determine whether the issue also happens on a supported platform version. 

Environment Details

Operating System: z/OS


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