How to tell whether the new January 2016 USPS Postage Statements are required to be used for MailStream Plus

Only if you are doing one of the specific mailings that was affected by the January changes.  

Per the USPS Industry Alert of January 29 2016, if you are not doing one of the affected mailings, you can continue to use the May 2015 statements.

MailStream Plus 8.3.0 produces May 2015 statements.  MailStream Plus 8.3.1 produces January 2016 statements for the changed statements, and May 2015 statements for the un-changed ones.

That USPS email says-
As of January 17, 2016, the new January 2016 postage statements are required for Priority Mail® (PS Form 3600-PM), First-Class Package Service® (PS Form 3600-FCM, Part C), Parcel Select® (PS Form 3605-R), and International Mail (PS Form 3700).

When mailing Market Dominant (Mailing Services) products, you may continue to use the May 2015 statements (Standard Mail® PS Form 3602R, Standard Mail Nonprofit PS Form 3602N, First-Class Mail® PS Form 3600 FCM Part A, B, or D, Packages Services PS Form 3605-R Part A or B, and Periodicals PS Form 3541) until the next Market Dominant price change.


USPS email attached.
UPDATED:  August 8, 2017