MapInfo Pro - How to convert a map in non-earth projection to a real-world projection?

The issue here is that the original .TAB file is in Non-earth projection (km) rather than real-world coordinates. If the projection is changed simply by saving a copy of the table then the result will be either be a skewed or incorrectly located map. The goal here is to convert (apply a transformation to) the vector objects so that they appear in the correct location and can be used to overlay with other maps.
  1. Open up your .TAB file in MapInfo Pro
  2. Go to TABLE > Export > choose a name and save it to MapInfo Interchange (*.mif). For the purpose of this demonstration, we will refer to this as ‘MIF A’
  3. Open up any other valid table in MapInfo Pro with real-world coordinates and save a copy of it in your desired projection (in this case UTM Zone 55 Southern Hemisphere). Follow the same procedure above to export to .mif format. For the purpose of this demonstration, we will refer to this as ‘MIF B’
  4. Open up ‘MIF B’ above in Notepad and note the ‘CoordSys Earth Projection’ line. Copy the specific section highlighted in red below in the table
User-added image
  1. Open ‘MIF A’ via notepad, and paste the line from ‘MIF B’ into the corresponding location. Screenshot below illustrates this.
User-added image
  1. Save ‘MIF A’
  2. In MapInfo Pro go to TABLE > Open > Import > choose ‘MIF A’
  3. Double check the table projection, you should now be able to save a copy of the table into your desired projection
UPDATED:  April 5, 2017