How to 'copy' an installation from one machine to another into a different location and what is the hidden file "/opt/pb/var/.pitneymsn" used for using MailStream Plus on UNIX/Linux

Operating System: UNIX/Linux

A user site tests MailStream Plus™ (MSP) first on a test machine, and then copies it to the production machine, but on that machine it goes into a different directory.  
The user asked if he just needs to change the '/opt/pitneybowes/var/.pitneymsn' to point to the new location?  
And he asked if that pointer is only used during installation and updates, not during job execution?

Yes, for the MSP 8.3.6 release and later, you would change the .pitneymsn to point to the new location on the production machine.  (Of course, you would also have to change the setup-script/job-scripts variables as needed.)
In MSP 8.3.6 the .pitneymsn pointer is only used for installation and for updates, etc, not for execution of jobs.

NOTE: When installing MSP, there is a choice of installing into a production location, or to a test location.  The .pitneymsn file only contains a pointer to the production location.
UPDATED:  April 2, 2018