How to understand the Impact of End of Life (EOL) of Microsoft.Net 4.x and Internet Explorer 10 and lower on Designer ,Vault and Sagent

UPDATED: August 16, 2017

Microsoft recently announced all Internet Explorer versions 10 and lower will no longer be supported beginning January 12th, 2016.Microsoft has also announced an end-of-life schedule for .NET 4.0 thru 4.5.1. After January 12 of 2016, all technical support, including security and non-security updates, will be discontinued. Developers and users will need to either go back to.NET 3.5 SP 1 or upgrade to 4.5.2.

Vault version 7.0 M2:
The core Vault executables (e.g. e2serverd, e2renderd, e2loaderd) do not use .Net and are not tied to IE. The Java components (e.g. ServiceWeb2, Java API) do not use .Net and should be compatible with IE11 and later where applicable. The Perl sample does not use .Net and should be compatible with IE11 and later.The Vault .Net API, the included samples and customer applications using the Vault .Net API are dependent on the .Net API. 

Designer :6.1.1338 on Windows server 2008 R2 Sp1.
Designer doe snot use IE. .Net upgrade will have no negative impact on Designer.

Sagent : 6.8 GA 
Since .Net used is 3.5, it shall have no impact on Designer. However IE11 is not supported with 6.8,0. Upgrade to 6.8.7 will be required to use IE11.

Note: Above information is tied with product versions. In case higher version is used information is valid. However if the version of product is lower than mentioned, contact technical support for verification.

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