License check for GeoTAX similar to Code-1 Plus

UPDATED: April 5, 2017

The license management used by Geotax 7.2 is the same license management used by all of our other similar geocoding products. The license reader allows the user to verify the licensing options provided in the license.  This is a Windows utility that is capable of reading all license files for either the UNIX or Windows operating systems. This utility however does not display the system-id and host name stored in the license.  This is binary information obtained from the 'licassist' utility that is used to pull the host name and system-id information from the server for generating the permanent license. If a license file is loaded onto a server for which it was not licensed for, then Geotax will fail to initialize and an error returned in the application or command line depending on how the application is being used to indicate the wrong license is applied. The permanent license files are sent with the respective system-id names embedded in the license file name to avoid this error. 

Attached a copy of the License Reader to be used on Windows.  This is an executable file so please rename the .txt file in the attached zip file accordingly before opening the file on your Windows machine then browsing to the license file you wish to read. 


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