What to do if unable to change Outstanding Flag on Enquiry Status in Confirm

Product Feature: Confirm, Customer Services
Trying to tick the Outstanding checkbox on an existing Enquiry Status, however the system will not allow this to be selected advising "You cannot change the Outstanding flag of an Enquiry Status being used on a Enquiry Status Log", , as per the following screenshots:
Error message received when attempting to update an Enquiry Status.

If you then try to bulk move Enquiries to a new status the system will still come back with the same message when trying to tick this box

The issue is existing Enquiries with this Status or which had this Status at some time in the past; changing the definition of the Status changes the meaning of the history against those Enquiries.

The best course of action is to add a new Status and 'dead' this one. 

If you would like to go down the route of having SQL written to update all the History and this Status then we would need to speak with the Account Manager of the customer in question to see if this would be classed as a chargeable exercise.
UPDATED:  April 20, 2017