MailStream Plus - How do you enter PL MAX and PB MAX cards on the IBMi screens?

Operating System: IBMi (as400, iSeries)
PL MAX (which controls the max size of pallets), is done by first going into the PD Presort Definition screen.  
Then press the "F11=Pallet MIN/MAX" option.
Then you can enter the PL MAX parameter(s). 

PB MAX (which controls the max size of bundles on pallets), is done through the Card Editor.  
From the main "Define and/or Submit a Presort Job" screen, press 'F23=Card Edit'  
Then on that screen press F10 to add a new parameter.  
Then in the "Enter card type to be added:" field enter PB MAX <enter>.  Then you'll be on the screen to add it.

PL FRC, PL MIN, and PL MAX only have an effect when you have turned off Commingling pallets in the job, using the ALG AU parameter position 10=N.  Commingling is 'on' by default (except for First-Class Parcels). 
When Commingling is on, the PL FRC, PL MIN, and PL MAX parameters are ignored, and CP FRC, CP MIN, and CP MAX are used instead.  The CP xxx parms are on the same F11 screen mentioned in the first part of this article.
UPDATED:  April 10, 2017