Information Walk sequence error or MD-GET-DENOMINATOR ERROR OCCURRED using MailStream Plus

The following message-
'Walk sequence error' 
may be seen in the MSRPXLG (or <jobname>.xlg file) after MSRPMD00 has started.  MSRPMD00 is the Mail.dat file generating program. The message will have a ZIP Code and Carrier Route after it following 'DC", for example-
Walk sequence error: DC29424C001

This message indicates the software is unable to find the ZIP-Carrier Route combination in the USPS's Delivery Count file, to know how many Delivery stops there are in that ZIP-Carrier Route.   The software does the look up to find the value to place in the Mail.dat WSR-1103 Field "Walk Sequence Denominator".

The message is an informational message.  MailStream Plus then places zero in the WSR-1103 in these cases.  The records will not get the Saturation rates since they're not found in the USPS Delivery stats file.

On some platforms that produce the RLG output file, such as Windows, you will also see related lines such as-
      ZIP = 29424
  CARRIER = C001
 LAST WSR = 0000000092
UPDATED:  February 5, 2018