MapXtreme.NET: How to produce a distributable copy of your project

To produce a distributable copy, you can make a Setup of the Application.
For VS2013, Install VSI_Bundle on the dev Machine where this application is made, then make a Setup Project from the Visual Studio following the below steps and then VS will generate a Installer which would be distributable and can be installed on the various other machines.

Steps to make a Setup Project:
On Dev machine:
  1. Open your Application and make sure its working.
  2. Add the setup project to the VS solution.
  3. Now, Add the primary output to the Setup Project solution with same configuration as of your application.
  4. Also, add the remaining two folders to the Application Folder (images & MapXtremeWebResources). (This step is not needed for Desktop App) Add the remaining files of the project to the root folder (we can place the SDK License at this place also).
  5. For 32 Bit: Build the Setup Project Now. For 64 Bit: Change the target platform from 3:0 to 3:1 in the setup.vdproj file & then build the project.
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017