How to understand the frequency of Scheduled Tasks / Scheduled Reporting Query in Confirm

Product Feature: Ad-hoc Reporting


We’ve noticed some Scheduled Reports have a follow-up time (every 10 minutes) which is more frequent than the Scheduled Task process (Scheduled Reporting Agent) which is set to run every 30 minutes. 

Is it that the Scheduled Task is controlling the frequency in which the Scheduled Reports are actually running i.e. even though a Street Lighting Scheduled Report is set for every 10 minutes they are actually getting it every 30 minutes? Should the Scheduled Reporting Agent be set to match the most frequently scheduled report in order to achieve, say, the 10 minute desired frequency? 


Yes - should the Scheduled Report have a more frequent follow-up than the agent actually running (i.e. Scheduled Report follow-up due first) then it will get done the next time the agent runs. When the agent runs it will check for all Scheduled Reports due/overdue.
UPDATED:  September 26, 2017