How to see what background raster image formats supported by Mapxtreme within Confirm mapping.

Product Feature: Mapping

Below are the raster image formats supported in MapXtreme®:

• TIFF and GeoTIFF (*.tif)
• MrSID (*.sid)
• ECW (*.ecw)
• Spot (*.bil)
• JPEG (*.jpg)
• JPEG2000 (*.jp2, *.j2K)
• PCX (*.pcx)
• GIF (*.gif)
• Windows Bitmap (*.bmp)
• PNG (*.png)
• Photoshop (*.psd)
• Targa (*.tga)
• Windows Metafile (*.wmf)
• Windows Enhance Metafile (*.emf)
• Wireless BMP (.WBMP)
• Vertical Mapper Continuous Grid (*.grd)
• Vertical Mapper Classified Grid (*.grc)
• ADRG - ARC Digitized Raster Graphics (*.gen)
• ASRP - ARC Standard Raster Product (various file extensions)
• CADRG - Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics (*.gen)
• CIB - Controlled Image Base (various file extensions)
• NITF - National Imagery Transmission Format (*.ntf)

Raster images used with vector data must be registered so that known geographic points on the image coincide with the same features on the vector data. To register a raster image, you can bring it into MapInfo Professional® and register it there. The registration information is stored in a .TAB file 
UPDATED:  May 9, 2017