Content Author - Can I extract the user / roles /groups into a text or report file?

Product Feature: CA Server

It is not possible to do this via the Content Author Admin Console, but you can get this information from several tables in the database (important these tables must NOT be manually modified any manual modification to these tables may negate your support).

In the CCMContentAuthor database (or any other name used in your installation), there are a few tables that contain this information:

dbo.User (contains information about the users)
dbo.User2Group (contains information about user groups)
dbo.User2Role (contains information about user roles)
dbo.User2ReviewGroup (contains information about review groups)

dbo.User will show the names of all the users set up in the database, with their login name, and their email address (if set), it also contains their user ID in the first column (Id)
dbo.User2Group will contain the names of all users set up in the group (if set), and the UserId will match the value from the Id column in the dbo.User table
dbo.User2Role will contain the User Id (again which comes from the Id column in the dbo.User table), and which role they have been assigned
dbo.User2ReviewGroup will contain the User Id (again coming from the Id column in the dbo.User table) and which review group they are a member of

You should be able to run a query from SQL that will export this information to a report

UPDATED:  April 18, 2017