Mail360 Manager, Mail360 Server, and Mail360 Data Manager. When are the supported 'end-of-life' for the various versions?

Products affected: Mail360 Server, Mai360 Data Manager, Mail360 Manager
A user asked about the end-of-life for his 'Mail360' applications, saying some software vendors say when the end of life for a version will be, at the time that software version is released. 

*For these three applications, Pitney Bowes Software does not do that.  When a *new* version is released, at that time we say when previous version(s) will no longer be 'supported'. 

Generally, Engineers only make patches for the current version.  Tech Support will try to assist with any version, if possible.  

At this time (March 2016)-
The current 'Mail360 Manager' is version 2.4 released in 2013, and no new version has been announced. 

The current 'Mail360 Server' is version 2.1 from 2010, and no new version has been announced. 

The newest 'Mail360 Data Manager' version is 3.0, but many customers are still on 2.4.  Going to 2.5 and later required going to new versions of Windows O/S, SQL, etc.  The 2.5, 2.6, and 3.0 version's Release Notes all say customers could stay on their existing version (which included 2.4.)
*Update March 2017
In August 2016, the Mail360 Data Manager Product Manager provided the text/chart below

User-added image
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017