How can I adjust my parameters to get a better FSS Flats presort using MailStream Plus

Products Affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: General
Operating System: All Platforms
MailStream Plus(MSP) job is being compared to a job run by an different software program.  
The job using MSP 8.3.1 was run and initially has this cost:
Net Postage Due (Line 1 +/- Lines 2, 3, 4) 535,151.11

Once parameters were adjusted this changed the statement total to a lower cost of:

Net Postage Due (Line 1 +/- Lines 2, 3, 4) 531,396.60  -This is $3754.51 less

The changed parameters are the following:
ML TYP 3 F R   3
What we changed was we removed the 3 in position 16 of the ML TYP
Position 16 is for Pallet sort Options. 3 - Merged bundles of flats using city/state product and 5% threshold
MSP by Default when blank uses 1 - Merged Flats using city/state product

And the other change made was the job had these parameters that set a value in position 26 –
PL FRC                   00024
PL MIN                   00024
PL MAX       02000       00048
CP FRC                   00024
CP MIN                   00024
CP MAX       02000       00048

Reply with answer:
Position 26 is illogical for a bundle based pallet presort.
Position 26 - Number of Containers to Force a Pallet except for the xx MAX it is used to Maximum Pallet Containers
Since your presort is not presorting sacks or trays, this is setting bundle amounts and can mess up a presort.
So we removed the PL FRC, PL MIN, CP FRC and CP MIN parameters above. But left the PL MAX and CP MAX with the values in
position 20 – Maximum pallet weight.
PL MAX             02000
CP MAX             02000
UPDATED:  August 30, 2017