Managing email notifications in SendPro online

UPDATED: July 26, 2018

SendPro’s® automated email notifications can help senders and recipients track shipments and know when they’ve been delivered. You can also get notified when a label refund has been issued. There are 3 types of notifications:
  • Tracking Number Email: Emails a tracking number for each new shipping label automatically.
  • Shipment Delivery Email: Emails a delivery confirmation for each new shipping label automatically.
  • Refund notifications: Emails a confirmation each time a label refund is credited to your postage balance.
Note: In order for tracking and delivery notifications to be sent, the address must include a valid email address.
  1. Select Settings > Email Notifications.
SendPro settings icon
  1. To enable tracking number and delivery confirmation emails to the sender or recipients, check the appropriate boxes in the Tracking Number Email and Shipment Delivery Email sections.
  2. To receive an email when a label refund is credited to your postage balance, enter the email address to be notified in the Email Confirmation for Postage Refund field.
  3. (Optional) To customize the subject for each email type, enter the desired subject in the Customize the email subject line field.
  4. (Optional) To see how an email notification will look, select the See a preview link. When finished previewing, select Close Email Preview.

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